Six Flags: Water Park Liability

A day at the water park was supposed to be the 20th birthday celebration for Ms. Tolyndra Pierre but instead ended in a trip to the hospital after Ms. Pierre broke her ankle while riding the King Cobra water slide at Six Flags in New Jersey.

According to the facts of the incident that occurred last August, Ms. Pierre and a male friend brought a double tube from a different water ride over to the King Cobra. Double tubes were not allowed on the King Cobra ride, but the Six Flags’ monitor for the King Cobra allowed the double tube. In addition, both Ms. Pierre and her male friend each individually exceeded the 200 pound weight limit per tube. The combination of both of these factors was a clear recipe for disaster as Ms. Pierre was flung into the King Cobra’s mouth at a speed exceeding 32mph.

As far as Six Flags’ rules and regulations stand, Ms. Pierre and her male friend should never have been allowed to ride the King Cobra individually, let alone together. There is no indication of whether proper warnings were placed; however as with any water park, screeners or monitors are to be present at each ride. This is assumed to insure the safety of patrons that are not as familiar with the rules and weight limits. However, the monitor at the King Cobra failed to prevent Ms. Pierre and her male friend from riding the ride together.

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