Local Driver Dies in Head-On-Collision

It is every driver’s nightmare. You are traveling on the highway when, suddenly, a vehicle is coming straight at you in the opposite direction. The time to react is small; the potential harm is huge. And that is precisely what happened this week.

Four people were injured, and one man was killed, in a head-on-collision that happened Monday. The wreck was on the Grand Parkway, the toll road in far west Harris County.

The crash involved two vehicles. Reports indicate that it happened between 10:30 and 11:00 p.m. Evidently, a northbound motorist veered into the southbound lanes; that caused the head-on-collision. The driver of that vehicle was pulled from the flames, but died nevertheless. The adult and three teenagers in the south car had to be transported to a hospital. Fortunately, they were expected to live.

No crash is more horrific than a fiery head-on-collision on the freeway. Sadly, this tragedy was entirely preventable. By paying proper attention to the traffic signage and flow, no driver should be headed the wrong way on the highway. This, event shows, yet again, the critical importance of continued vigilance when driving. Sustained attention to the vehicle’s movements must be maintained by every driver.

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