Playing Games with Safety, Pokémon-Go

Pokémon-Go is a relatively new mobile phone game that has skyrocketed to holding the title of the most popular mobile game in U.S. history. It is a wonderful game that uses Google maps and the pedometer in smart phones to get people out of the house and to be active. To play the game people need to walk around their city and visit local land marks, and walk a certain amount of miles for the game to progress. The danger of this game is the hordes of people all looking at their phones while walking around. Everyone has heard the story of a person being distracted by their phone and walking into traffic. Now the largest mobile game in history requires people to look at their phones while walking around. This poses a significant problem of having a large amount of people not paying proper attention and potentially causing auto-pedestrian collisions.

The potential danger of this exercise inducing, but dangerous game, is the ability to play the game while driving. The game currently does not shut off when traveling in a car. This allows the addicted gamer to not only play it while walking or riding a bike, but while they are also driving their car. If texting while driving is considered dangerous because of the huge distraction it poses, playing Pokémon-Go while driving is an even greater distraction because of the level of involvement needed to play the game. Currently on Texas Department of Transportation’s Facebook page they have at least four posts about the danger of playing Pokémon-Go and driving with the tag “Don’t play Pokémon-Go and Drive.” This game could lead to distracted drivers causing automobile collisions because of their decision to pay attention to the game and not to the road. Don’t talk, text, or play Pokémon-Go while driving.

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