Lawsuit Filed Against Starbucks

Last week, I filed a lawsuit against Starbucks Corporation and one of its employees on behalf of Katherine Mize, who suffered extensive second degree burns when the Starbucks drive-through employee spilled hot coffee in her lap. This case has received some attention from local, national, and now even international media.

The lawsuit alleges that Ms. Mize ordered coffee at a Starbucks drive-through for fellow volunteers on a Sunday morning in 2014. The lawsuit further alleges that the Starbucks employee spilled a 20-ounce cup of coffee in Ms. Mize’s lap while handing through the window of Mize’s car. The lawsuit also alleges that neither the drive-through employee nor any other Starbucks employee attempted to assist Ms. Mize despite her obvious pain.

The reason we are filing a lawsuit is simple. Starbucks needs to take responsibility for the harm they’ve caused to Katherine. When a person or business negligently or intentionally injures you, the law makes that person or business responsible for compensating you for the injury. If they or their insurance company don’t take responsibility voluntarily, then the law allows you recourse to the courts to resolve the dispute.

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