Exercise Band Blinds Woman

In March 2015, Stella Nicolosi of Brooklyn, New York was working out with the Bellfit Resistance Band she had purchased three years earlier. According to her lawsuit in Brooklyn federal court, she was working out “in compliance with the instructions provided.”

The lawsuit goes on to allege that Ms. Nicolosi was blinded when the resistance band snapped, causing a hard plastic ball at the end to hit her in her right eye. The band was under her foot when it became dislodged and the hard plastic ball, a door anchor, hit her eye. Ms. Nicolosi has suffered permanent blindness.

Ms. Nicolosi is suing BRG Sports, formerly Easton-Bell Sports, for negligence and defective design. Her damages are unspecified. The suit alleges there were “safer alternative designs” and the exercise band did not come with adequate instructions.

When someone is injured or dies as a result of a product defect, financial recovery may be available. Such recovery is particularly important when permanent, life changing injuries are incurred. It is important to contact someone who understands the intricacies of the injured party’s right to recover.

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