Construction Site Injuries

The construction industry is one that is vital to our society as it continues to expand. This necessity does not come without a cost though. Every day construction workers are risking their lives in order to accomplish their jobs. According to various studies the construction industry is currently ranking high with the number of accidents and injuries that arise, in fact they are often in the greatest danger because of their work, even when using the proper safety equipment and techniques.

With so many new homes and business being established, more and more builders are required for the job. This is a great thing because it provides work for many new people throughout the country, though it can be extremely dangerous. With the high demand for the finished work, many contractors are lacking the rudimentary safety requirements on the back burner in order to meet their deadlines. When this takes place, workers suffer the threat of accidents and subsequent injury or death.

The top four accidents that cause severe injuries on the construction site include: falling from heights or falling objects, electrocution and burns, trapped in a collapse of objects or being caught in between the heavy objects. Falling injuries can have devastating consequences on the worker, and if they are not fatal the damages done to the body can and will be severe. All workers who are higher than six feet about the ground are required to not only have safety helmets but also harnesses with proper railing and guards around them. These requirements are not only for commercial sites, but they are also in residential areas as well.

Falling objects are another concern in the construction business, as they are dealing with many heavy things in order to complete their work. Sadly, these accidents are often unexpected and therefore extremely dangerous. If one piece of equipment malfunctions (a large scaffold for example) and it falls, whoever is below may be in great danger or injury or death. In some cases workers may also be hit by large objects they are moving and depending on the item, it can still do serious damages.

Burn injuries and electrocution are another common occurrence in this line of work either because of dangerous with power line contact or exposed electrical parts and other dangerous equipment. When a worker is in wet conditions, they also are at risk of electrocution in the event they are working with wiring that has not been properly shut off for repairs.

Finally, collapses and caught-in-between accidents are another common cause for injury and death in the construction industry. Workers who are conducting site excavations are most often the ones at risk of these accidents, which is why proper safety techniques are so essential on the job. Whether the workers are excavating a trench for sewers or other aspects of housing or commercial projects, if the area collapses they may be caught underneath and risk injury and likely even death.

In the event that you are injured on the job, you may or may not be eligible for the assistance of workers’ compensation, which is a means of avoiding litigation while still recovering compensation for your workplace accident. However, in some cases you may not qualify, or simply just have a difficult time in receiving the financial help that you and your family need.

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