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A Call for Transparency in the Medical Profession

When you are involved in a car wreck, the police investigate. If there is an injury, by law the officers must prepare and file a Crash Report. That Crash Report is part of the public record. Policymakers and citizens can use it to make decisions to improve safety on our streets.

Similarly, when there is a collision on the highways, the Department of Public Safety investigates. Again, the troopers prepare a Crash Report that provides important information to the parties involved and the public.

After an airplane crashes, the ntsb investigates. Family members and those who use the airline industry alike rely upon the report and findings of governmental officials. The agency also investigates bus and train crashes. And it issues public reports.

Yet, the medical industry works in secrecy. And, it investigates itself. These are two major concerns underlying the alarming incidence of injury or death caused by medical mistakes.

Researchers reported in a professional journal this month that medical errors may be the third leading cause of death in the United States. They estimate that 251,000 lives a year are lost due to medical mistakes. This figure vastly exceeds all car wrecks and airline deaths combined. In fact, it is shockingly close to the 291,000 Americans killed in combat during all of World War II. Only cancer and heart disease exceed this figure.

With this public health crisis, Texans should insist that healthcare providers be investigated by independent officials. And the results of those investigations must be made public. Otherwise, the secret cover-up will continue and the needless loss of countless more lives will be hidden from society.

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