Two Killed in Motor Vehicle Wreck

Family members are mourning the deaths of two people in a crash last night that is blamed on street racing. It occurred in northwest Harris County about 9:15 p.m. The intersection was North Sam Houston Parkway West at Bammel North Houston.

According to law enforcement, a black Chevrolet pickup truck was racing between lights with a Dodge Charger on the frontage road. When they reached the intersection of Bammel North Houston, the Charger stopped for the red light, but the pickup truck did not. Instead, it smashed into the driver’s side of a white BMW 330 that was traveling south on Bammel North Houston. After the crash, the driver of the pickup, which was badly damaged in the wreck, fled on foot. However, the two in the BMW, Jesse Estrada and Maria Sabillon, died at the scene. The Charger also left the scene.

Many of us enjoy motor sports. But there is a proper place for racing, and the public streets are not such a place. Now, due to the carelessness of those trying to show off their motor vehicles, two families are grieving over the completely unnecessary loss of their loved ones.

Sheriff’s deputies report that they have evidence to locate and identify the person driving the truck. When they apprehend him, he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, consistent with justice and honoring his constitutional rights. If and when the suspect is apprehended and found guilty, the criminal justice system must punish him appropriately. In addition, the civil justice system must continue to hold drivers accountable when their negligence injures or kills others. There is no reason to tolerate driving behaviors that endanger innocent members of the public.

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