Crash Kills Local Motorist

A wreck on Highway 249 killed a man today. It happened in the early morning hours, at about 2:30 a.m. Investigators from the Harris County Sherriff’s Office report that a pickup truck was braking for a red light in the 12,000 block of Highway 249 at Mosielee. While doing so, a Chevrolet Impala slammed into it from behind. The crash was so violent that the pickup truck was knocked into a ditch. The driver of the Impala was killed. The driver of the truck was hurt, but apparently his injuries are not life-threatening. Yet, because it seems that he was intoxicated, he may face charges of DWI. Weather was not a factor in the collision. Local traffic in both directions was disrupted for several hours afterwards, but the roadway has since reopened.

This somber event reminds motorists of the substantial danger involved in driving, especially at high speeds. Although early reports do not link intoxication to the crash, the risks of driving while intoxicated are simply unacceptable. Thus, citizens, law enforcement, and the court system must make decisions designed to promote safe travel and to punish those who unnecessarily impose hazards on others. As a community, we must insist that motorists avoid driving while intoxicated and distracted driving. Our roadways should provide a safe method to travel for our work, family, or pleasure; they should not impose the risk of death upon users.

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