Nestle Issues Recall for Glass in Food

The Switzerland-based food giant Nestlé has issued a voluntary recall of about three million boxes of products because of the possibility they might contain small pieces of glass. Nestlé USA, located in Glendale, California, took precautionary action after receiving several consumer complaints. The company immediately removed all potentially hazardous products off store shelves. The voluntary recall includes a limited number of DiGiorno pizzas, Lean Cuisine pizzas, paninis and raviolis, and Stouffer’s lasagnas and souffles. The company has traced the glass hazard to spinach used in the products which is a common ingredient in the recalled products. It is unknown if the recall is limited to only products made or shipped to the United States.

An investigation with the Food and Drug Administration is ongoing. According to Nestlé, no injuries have been reported. The company has provided the following statement on its website: “The quality and safety of our products are the top priority for our company. We apologize to our retail customers and consumers and sincerely regret any inconvenience created by this recall. We are working with both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture on this voluntary recall and will cooperate with them fully.” The company did not elaborate any further.

A complete list of all recalled product dates and UPC codes are on Nestlé’s website. If any consumers own any contaminated products, it is recommended to consult with Nestlé’s customer service.

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