Wrongful Death Suit Filed Over Gas Leak

The family of Zelda Rothman has sued the Southern California Gas Company alleging that a gas leak exacerbated Ms. Rothman’s health. Ms. Rothman was suffering from lung cancer when natural gas began to leak from a well in Aliso Canyon approximately three miles from her home.

According to the complaint, due to the gas leak, Ms. Rothman began having difficulty breathing and required the use of an oxygen tank twenty four hours a day. The family further alleges that the gas leak created a decline in Ms. Rothman’s health and hastened her death. Lastly, the family claims the company failed to report the leak and the extent it could affect the public’s health. The family’s attorney stated, “Southern California Gas Company’s decision to operate its inherently dangerous gas storage operation next to 30,000 residents of Porter Ranch without taking all reasonable steps necessary to prevent catastrophic gas leaks is unconscionable.”

Public health officials have expanded air monitoring and concluded that there is no significant evidence of high levels of toxins that could impact long term health. The gas leak was discovered three months ago and residents remain concerned.

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