Honda’s Engine Failure Recall

Honda is announcing a recall on one of its newest automobile models before it even hits the U.S. public market. The 2016 Honda Civic compact vehicles equipped with two-liter-four-cylinders engines have poorly installed or lack their piston pin snap rings. The cause of this dangerous mechanical error stems from neglect during factory construction. An improperly installed or missing ring can cause the pistons to rub against the engine block resulting in the vehicle to either stall or fail while being driven. The friction can also lead to the possibility of the engine igniting while being operated.

Honda stated in a message to dealers, “All affected units will require use of a borescope to inspect the four cylinders to confirm correct piston pin snap ring replacement.” Honda further stated, “Vehicles exhibiting any concerns with piston pin snap rings placement may require replacement of damaged pistons, piston pins or rings, or other related engine components.”

American Honda has already begun notifying all U.S. dealerships to stop all sale orders of any vehicles with a two-liter base engine, no matter the model. All two-liter base engines in question will be subjected to inspection. All vehicles currently in the possession of customers will be examined by a Honda dealer as well. American Honda is only in the preliminary stage of the recall and can’t provide specific details about the inspections. Once the NHTSA formally acknowledges the American Honda’s notification of the recall, more details will be given by the automaker.

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