Carbon Monoxide Leak at Beaumont Middle School

On January 28, 2016, over one hundred students and staff members of Marshall Middle School in Beaumont fell ill after there was an apparent carbon monoxide leak. The leak was said to have originated from a boiler within the school. Around sometime in the late morning, students and faculty members started feeling ill and had trouble breathing. There have been reports that a few children were found unconscious in the hallways and nurse’s office, which caused school personnel to call the Beaumont Fire Department. Upon arriving, the firefighters noticed an elevated carbon monoxide levels, and immediately evacuated the school to a nearby High School auditorium before any serious injuries occurred.

Fourteen people had to be hospitalized, but are in stable condition. Most of the injuries were non-life threatening. Currently, Beaumont Independent School District, the Beaumont Fire Department, and state inspectors are investigating the situation to not only locate any other possible sources, but to see the cause of the leak. Only one gas boiler has been found to have problems thus far. Those hospitalized will be kept for several hours. It is estimated that between 120 to 140 students could have been affected. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, carbon monoxide can be lethal in high doses and is virtually undetectable by smell. It should be relief to all that no fatalities occurred.

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