Pedestrian Killed Today

The year 2016 began tragically for the family and loved ones of a young man who was killed this morning. The unnamed person was struck as he was walking across the street. The incident occurred near the intersection of Taft and Westheimer. Preliminary news reports indicate that, at about 12:30 a.m., the deceased was crossing Westheimer with a green light. According to witnesses, a dark sedan was traveling fast as it headed eastbound on Westheimer. The car ran the red light and hit the pedestrian. The vehicle did not stop afterwards, and the man, who appeared to be in his twenties, died at the scene. The Houston Police Department is looking for the driver of the car, who could be charged with a felony.

This tragedy reminds us of the dangers posed by speeding. Not only does the driver have less time to observe and react to hazards, but others lawfully using the roadway may not perceive the high rate of speed and react safely. Especially at night, when other motorists or pedestrians observe an approaching vehicle, they have a much harder time appreciating its speed and making proper allowances. The posted speed limit not only serves to inform drivers of the maximum safe speed, but it also contributes to the expectations of those using the street about the speed of others.

We can hope that the police will be able to locate the driver in this incident and bring him to justice.

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