First Trial Involving General Motors Recall Thrown Out

General Motors issued a recall last year for faulty ignition switches that resulted in fatal accidents for many affected cars. The switch would fall out of place from its ‘On’ placement, and knock out power steering, cause a stall while driving, or disable airbags. Despite their claims of fixing the problem, new information alleges that GM knew of the defect for over a decade before acting on it, when a case was brought against them. The information was revealed in an investigation following the claim, as well as shedding light to an estimated 30 million cars carrying the defect.

GM is to be fined 900 million dollars for the 124 deaths proven to be linked to the withheld defect. This month GM began a series of tests known as bellwether trails. These trials will aid the automobile giant in determining settlement parameters of customers that had been affected by the faulty wiring. Robert Scheuer was the plaintiff in one of these trials against GM. The case was quickly ended when evidence revealed Scheuer had given false testimony in regard to his medical state immediately after the crash, as well as his exaggeration of his claim of hindered physical mobility in the months following. In addition, Scheuer’s supporting documents had also appeared to have been doctored in order support his assertions. Scheuer’s wife also made false statements to back her husband’s fraudulent claims. As a result of this, both husband and wife have hired criminal defense lawyers in anticipation for legal backlash. Litigation is set to continue for other claimants.

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