Collapsed Scaffolding Results in Death of Three Men

On March 23, 2015, construction workers were working on an 11 story building when the exterior lift system collapsed. Three men died; their families have filed suit against some of the construction companies involved.

Anderson Antones de Almeida, Jose Erasmo Hernandez, and Jose Luis Lopez-Ramirez died in the incident. All were married and had young children. Their families have retained a law firm and have sued Associated Scaffolding Inc., Choate Construction Company, Klimer Platforms Ltd. and Klimer Platforms Inc. for their roles in the scaffolding accident. The attorney stated “Very simple protocols for building, inspecting and operating this scaffolding were not followed, and the result is a heartbreak for these families.”

In September 2015, the North Carolina Department of Labor fined Associated Scaffolding $151,900 for their role in the accident. The department found that, among other violations, company workers failed to follow manufacturer recommendations regarding tying the scaffolding to the building and putting too much weight on the scaffolding when taking it apart. A spokeswoman for Associated Scaffolding stated “This was a very tragic accident and all of us at Associated Scaffolding Company have been and remain concerned about the families involved.”

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