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Widower Files Suit for the Death of His Family

Dexter Culclager, the widower of Yakel Culclager, brought a lawsuit against the driver of a Peterbilt truck and several other companies involved in the death of his wife and step-children. Mr. Culclager filed a $10 million personal injury and wrongful death lawsuit. Along with the truck driver, Judson Humphries, Mr. Culclager sued General Motors, Hobit Express, Sunteck Transport Group, Sunteck Transport Co., and the service shop that checked Mrs. Culclager’s 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe prior to the incident.

Just before the accident, Mrs. Culclager’s Tahoe came to a halt on the Buckman Bridge in Jacksonville, Florida. The Tahoe’s driveshaft broke and left Mrs. Culclager and her children stuck on the bridge, in the middle lane. Traffic was heavy; therefore, Mrs. Culclager and her children could not exit the vehicle. Instead, they waited inside the Tahoe after calling OnStar and Mr. Culclager. While still on the phone with Mr. Culclager, a Nissan Murano, driven by Grace Hanson, came up behind Mrs. Culclager’s vehicle. Mrs. Hanson slowed her vehicle to avoid hitting Mrs. Culclager’s SUV. However, Mr. Humphries’ truck and loaded trailer hit Mrs. Hanson’s Murano and then collided into the Tahoe. Mrs. Culclager’s vehicle then crashed into the median and was set ablaze. Mr. Culclager heard the crash through his phone.

Mr. Humphries, the truck driver, had a valid driver’s license from the State of Wyoming at the time of the incident. However, Mr. Humphries was an unqualified commercial driver because he had previously tested positive for controlled substances. Additionally, he never attended a substance-abuse program. Mr. Humphries had been working for Sunteck less than ten days before the crash; the company did not complete the required background and safety check on Mr. Humphries.

Mr. Culclager claims Mr. Humphries was not paying attention while driving. The lawsuit states Mr. Humphries was speeding, operating a cell phone, and using cruise control when he crashed into Mrs. Culclager’s Tahoe. As a result of Mr. Humphries negligence, Mr. Culclager lost his wife and stepchildren.

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