Volkswagen’s Woes Continue with California Class Action

A class action lawsuit has been filed in California against Volkswagen petitioning for an immediate buyback of all diesel Volkswagen (VW) vehicles that fail to comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission standards. The suit was filed in response to the recent Volkswagen emission scandal uncovered last month; a whopping 482,000 diesel vehicles in the USA have allegedly been equipped with software designed to manipulate pollution emission results in order to comply with EPA regsulations. In reality, these vehicles have been emitting nearly forty times the acceptable EPA emission standards and have been met with public discontent ever since Volkswagen confirmed that the allegations were true.

According to a Kelly Bluebook estimate, approximately 67,000 of these VW vehicles are in California. The class action asserts a breach of express warranty under California law and demands either a buy-back of the vehicles or for VW to provide replacement vehicles while they repair their vehicles to comply with EPA standards. Volkswagen has also entertained other additional remedy ideas, one being to offer rebates to owners on the diminished value of the vehicles in order to counteract an estimated 13% drop in market value of these cars in the past month according to Kelly Blue Book.

In addition to the numerous lawsuits similar to California’s class action being filed across the nation, VW faces nearly $18 billion worth of fines for violating U.S. Clean Air Act regulations, a pending criminal probe from the Department of Justice, and sanctions from the California Air Resources Board. Currently, VW is preparing for the ensuing fines and lawsuits by setting aside nearly $7 billion in anticipated settlements.

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