Student Hit by Car

School districts across the area have recently begun their fall term, and, this week, a teenage high school student was struck by a car while heading to campus.

The student was hit on Wednesday, September 2, 2015, when he was crossing a street to get to Taylor High School in Katy. He was rushed by Life Flight to the hospital. Fortunately, he is expected to recover.

With “back to school” in full force, motorists have observed that roadways and streets have become much busier. Commute times are lengthened, and some drivers have become frustrated and anxious about getting to work on time.

Nevertheless, heightened vigilance is required to protect students. In this week’s incident, news accounts report that the student did not use a designated crosswalk. Certainly, a fifteen-year-old should be mindful of crossing a street safely. Yet, knowing that youngsters make impulsive and sometimes ill-advised choices, drivers likewise must exercise vigilance. Without question, motorists must avoid texting while driving as well as all forms of distracted driving. And they also must carefully observe speed limits in school zones. Perhaps most important when driving near school kids is to “expect the unexpected.”

The extra traffic and slower traffic around schools can delay the trip to work. But we must nevertheless take extra caution to protect students from car wrecks.

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