Record Rise in Motor Vehicle Deaths

Since 2007, auto deaths have not exceeded 44,000. According to the National Safety Council, in the first 6 months of this year alone there has been a death count rise of 14%. Last year the 6-month death toll reached 16,400, but by June of this year 18, 600 deaths were reached. In 2013 the death toll was down 3.1% from the previous year, with about 32,000 deaths in the whole year. The present increase is due in part to a better economy all across America. As a result, there are more drivers on the road annually due to an increase in the job market, as well as lower gas prices. Combine more drivers with the steadily increasing amount of distracted driving, and the dangers become even more apparent as society becomes more addicted and dependent on electronics. Surprisingly, drunk driving fatalities are down 30% and seat belt use is up, with a 90% usage rate in Texas. However, the risk involved with the rise of speed limits and more aggressive driving is more than making up for it.

The estimated rate of death per mile is 1.3 for every 100 million miles, up from 1.2 in 2014. 1.26 Trillion miles have been driven in the first 5 months of the year. The damages are up as well by 24%, with an estimated 152 Billion dollars in a myriad of medical and property damages. The agreed months of high risk, July and August, have not been factored into this as of now, which will only make the numbers worse.

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