Kraft Recall Expansion

The Kraft Heinz Company did a voluntary recall in late July for their individual wrap Kraft Singles American and White American cheese slices. According to NBC News, the recall was due to the possibility that a thin strip of plastic film may stay attached to the slice after wrap removal, potentially causing a choking hazard. There have been twelve consumer complaints about the defective product, five of which were reports of choking.

At first the recall was limited to the 3 and 4 pound cases of Kraft Singles. It has now expanded to include Deli Deluxe Kraft American Singles, all in various sizes. CNN reported separately that about 36,000 cases of the recalled products have already been distributed not only in the United States but in Puerto Rico and Grand Cayman as well.

This has not been the only voluntary recall Kraft Foods has done in the past year. In mid-March CNBC reported a recall of about 242,000 cases of Kraft’s Macaroni & Cheese Dinners because they could potentially contain pieces of metal. More than 6.5 million boxes were included in this recall. There were eight consumer complaints but no injuries reported in regards to the reason behind the recall.

The Food and Drug Administration website has a complete list of all recalled products for easy consumer reference.

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