Dangers of the Recovery Filter

The Recovery filter, a medical product used to prevent blood clots, has come under fire recently for being responsible for at least 27 deaths over the course of 10 years. The filter, a device inserted in the largest vein of the body, is prone to fragmentation and detachment, resulting in severe injuries and even death.

In one victim’s case, the device’s fragmented piece floated from its implantation spot to puncture her heart. The victim required emergency open heart surgery to remove the fragment, which ultimately saved her life. Another victim had received the implant the week before she passed away. The autopsy report revealed that the implant failed to prevent a blood clot from forming, instead, the implant pushed a blood clot into the victim’s heart.

C.R. Bard, the sellers of Recovery filter, did not issue a recall based on these deaths, continuing to sell 34,000 units of their product for another 3 years before replacing them with G2, a newer version of the product. In response to the reported 300 complications from the Recovery filter, C.R. Bard conducted a confidential study by an independent doctor to assess the risks of the product. According to NBC, who was able to acquire a copy of the confidential report, the study found that the rates of risk of death, product fractures, and movement were much higher than comparable products on the market.

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