Woman Hurt on Amusement Park Ride

A woman was hurt after an amusement park ride flipped over. Claiming the ride operators did not keep the riders safe, she is now taking legal action.

Tonya Cooper was riding an amusement park ride known as the Jitterbug Swing with her 9 year-old daughter. Suddenly, she heard a loud cracking sound. Ms. Cooper started screaming for operators to stop the ride before it flipped over. The 35-year-old said, “Next thing I know, I’m dangling and I’m frantic because I can’t find my daughter and I can’t move and that was it. I heard the cracks, felt the wobble and I was slammed into the tower. I don’t know what happened. I just felt instant pain and knew my back was broken.”

Ms. Cooper filed suit and claimed that the operator of the Jitterbug Swing located at the Beech Bend park left her station soon after the swings began turning. She has also asserted that too many riders were loaded onto one side of the swing, which made it more susceptible to flipping. The Kentucky Agricultural Department is working to determine the cause of the flip.

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