Crash on Freeway Kills Two Teenage Girls

Family members and loved ones are mourning the deaths of two teenage girls, while two others are recovering from their injuries from a recent crash. The one-vehicle wreck occurred Friday morning on Highway 288. Four girls–two who are 18 years old and two who are 17 years old–were in a Nissan Rogue. The black SUV was headed south on the highway about 3:00 a.m. It rolled over and then hit a pillar near the Holly Hall exit. One 17-year-old and one 18-year-old died; the other two girls were rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital and Ben Taub Hospital. 

News accounts report that all four girls attended Seven Lakes High School in the Katy Independent School District. Early conjecture is that an argument was involved. Before the incident, the driver apparently stopped the vehicle before starting again, and was said to have been driving erratically. Finally, it ran off the road, rolled over, went up a grassy embankment, and crashed into a pillar of the Holly Hall overpass. It was reported that one of the girls was ejected from the vehicle.

This sad story warns all motorists, old and young, of the hazards of distracted driving. Automobiles serve a valuable function in our society. But traveling on public roadways, especially at highway speeds, involves substantial risk for drivers, passengers, and those in other vehicles. We need to renew our commitment to maintaining the highest attention when driving. Passengers likewise need to encourage drivers to stay focused on their tasks and avoid distracting them.

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