Patient Sues Device Maker Over Scope that Spreads Bacteria

Aaron Young has accused a major healthcare device maker, Olympus Corporation of the Americas, of negligence for selling a medical scope prone to spreading deadly bacteria.

According to the lawsuit, Mr. Young was exposed to a contaminated duodenoscope at UCLA in October and again in January. As a result, Mr. Young is still receiving treatment for a CRE infection and will be hospitalized for an extended time. CRE stands for carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae. It is highly resistant to antibiotics and can kill up to 50% of infected patients.

To date, UCLA has said seven patients were infected with CRE from scopes made by Olympus, a unit of Olympus Corporation of the Americas. The infections contributed to the deaths of two of those patients. Additionally, another 179 patients may have been exposed.

Medical providers were warned by the Food and Drug Administration that following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions does not ensure that the scopes are free of bacteria that can be passed from patient to patient. The agency and medical experts claim that bacteria can become trapped in crevices near the tip of the scope where a camera and other attachments are located.

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