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Trucks Involved in Collisions

Heavy trucks are in the news again due to two wrecks in southeast Texas.

The first occurred in Beaumont late Sunday night. A crash that included multiple vehicles and a fire occurred near midnight on the eastbound side of I-10. Eight people were transported to the hospital by ambulance. Authorities had to divert traffic in both directions of the interstate to clear the debris. Early accounts did not identify the cause of the collision, but at least one tractor-trailer was among the vehicles.

A second incident happened in Houston, snarling traffic for many hours on the East Loop 610, close to I-10. A tractor-trailer that was transporting numerous expensive automobiles from the Port of Houston to Wisconsin caught fire about 3:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning. The flames spread, and the fire burned the truck and some of the cars. Fortunately, reportedly no one was injured. However, lanes of traffic were blocked until the wreckage was cleared about five and one-half hours later.

These incidents serve to alert us once more to the hazards of motor vehicle transportation. Hopefully, no one was seriously injured by either crash. But, the risks are manifest.

Those in passenger vehicles need to be especially cautious around the larger, heavier, and less-maneuverable 18-wheelers. Likewise, truck drivers must continually observe traffic conditions, and plan how to avoid collisions. In addition, they must make sure that their equipment is safe. Because the next time a rig is involved in a fiery crash, more than property could be destroyed.

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