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Victims File Suit Following Fatal Apartment Fire in San Antonio

Residents and their families sued Wedgwood Senior Living Apartments this week after a fire killed six residents and caused injuries to many others.

The plaintiffs to the suit have alleged that the apartment’s management was negligent in failing to adhere to standard fire safety precautions to protect the well-being of the residents. The suit claims that management failed to install proper equipment and take precautions that would have prevented their injuries. Specifically, the plaintiffs argue that the defendant failed to install sprinklers inside the 11-story building, failed to properly maintain and install smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and failed to implement procedures to inform the elderly residents on the proper procedure for evacuating the complex during a fire.

Multiple residents have given interviews stating that people did not know how to leave the building in the event of a fire, which caused a great deal of confusion during the evacuation. This is also reflected in the panicked phone calls made by residents on the night of the blaze. Many callers informed 911 dispatchers that they did not know where to go or what to do. Residents in wheelchairs were not sure if they could exit on the elevator.

As of now, seven Wedgwood residents have filed suit, but more plaintiffs are expected. This is the second lawsuit filed against Wedgwood due to the deadly fire. The first lawsuit includes 50 plaintiffs claiming damages as a result of the apartment’s negligence. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives is currently investigating the cause of the fire.

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