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Driver Killed on Houston Freeway

Friends and loved ones are mourning the death of a young man who was killed late Monday on a Houston freeway. The man-whose name was not released-was slowing and pulling around another vehicle on the freeway.

The wreck happened on the Gulf Freeway near downtown. A white Jaguar was pulling to the side of the freeway. The Jaguar’s driver believed he had hit an object that damaged his tire. The deceased was driving a Mini Cooper. As he was approaching the scene, he slowed and attempted to pull around the Jaguar. He was then hit hard in the back by a black Ford Expedition. First responders found the Mini Cooper’s driver, who appeared to be in his twenties, dead behind the wheel of his vehicle.

This tragic death reminds us of the dangers involved in driving, specifically, driving at freeway speeds. Although a situation may appear to be safe and “normal,” the circumstances can change in a moment. Drivers need to not only watch out for themselves, but they must continually observe the movements and conditions of other vehicles, as well. At high speeds, especially near curves and changes in elevation, reaction time is reduced, so extra distance and care are required. Safe driving must be a habit, not a set of skills invoked once an emergency occurs. Because, by then, it may be too late.

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