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Motorcyclist Killed over the Weekend

Family members and loved ones are mourning the death of a teenager who was killed riding his motorcycle this past weekend.

The wreck occurred on Saturday evening, just past 8:00 p.m. The 19-year-old rider of the motorcycle was heading westbound on Fuqua Street. He was reportedly speeding when he hit a Chevrolet HHR head-on as the Chevrolet was attempting to turn left near Clearwood Crossing. The motorcyclist died at the scene; no injuries were reported among the two in the Chevrolet, including the 23-year-old woman who was driving. There was no report that alcohol was involved.

This sad event underscores the hazards of motorcycles. They are an efficient and fun means of transportation. Yet, riders are exposed to injury in crashes without the protection of the enclosing structures provided by a car’s passenger compartment. In addition, motorcycles are less visible to other drivers than a truck or even an automobile.

Some people assume that a wreck involving a motorcycle is the fault of the motorcycle rider. But, that is often not the case. Operators of cars and trucks need to beware of motorcycles. Yet, because of the extra risks, motorcyclists must exercise caution around other vehicles. Certainly, they should not exceed the speed limit.

Since public roadways are paid for, and intended for use by, those who drive cars, operate trucks, and ride motorcycles, all should keep a look out for the safety of themselves and others. Only then can we reduce the tragedy of unnecessary roadway injuries and deaths.

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