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Fire Burns Home in Pasadena

As most families get ready for Thanksgiving, one household is coping with a house fire.

On Monday morning, new accounts report a house fire in Pasadena. It is located in the 2700 block of Norman Street. Early information is that the blaze began around 7:00 a.m. One source reports two dead and two others missing, while another news agency mentions three residents who, at this hour, have not been located. Plus, the fire itself has not yet been contained. Dramatic and alarming video shows huge flames burning through the roof and reaching twenty or thirty feet into the air. Above that is a column of smoke climbing far into the sky. It appears that the house will be totally destroyed.

It is too early to assess the magnitude of this fire. But for those involved, it is a tragic beginning to a week in which they had planned to celebrate with family and friends.

Predating the earliest civilizations of mankind, fire-when contained-provides vital benefits. It heats our homes, powers most of our cars, provides electricity, and cooks our food. Modern society, as we know it, could hardly exist without fire in some form. But the power of fire to help is also the source of its danger to people and property. Even in the twenty-first century and even in modern structures, fire poses a threat. Thus, we must support measures (often opposed by builders) to increase the fire safety of houses and buildings, frequently through building codes. And we must further support efforts to enforce those codes. When controlled, fire is a great help; but when uncontrolled, it is a serious hazard.

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