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What are the myths surrounding drunk driving accidents?

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2014 | Car & Truck Accidents

Drinking and driving has long been a big problem in the state of Texas, as well as most other states, with many people doing so on a regular basis. While some get away with this, others are caught by police and faced with the consequences of the legal system. Furthermore, some people cause an accident while driving under the influence. This often leads to injuries suffered by drivers and passengers in other vehicles.

According to the National Motorists Association, there are many myths associated with drinking and driving. Some of the most common include the following:

— Breathalyzers are a reliable indicator of a person’s blood alcohol content and ability to drive. This is a myth for many reasons, including the fact that breath alcohol content is inconsistent. For this reason, somebody may believe they are more sober than what he or she truly is.

— Lowering the legal blood alcohol content level for driving under the influence will lead to fewer people breaking the law. This is not likely to have an impact, as the average violator of DWI laws is arrested with a blood alcohol content level between .15 and .17.

With roughly 10 percent of highway fatalities caused by a drunk driver, it is only natural for people to wonder what they can do to avoid trouble. The only way to completely put an end to drunk driving accidents is to guarantee that nobody gets behind the wheel after they have consumed an alcoholic beverage. Since this is impossible, there will always be drunk driving accidents that lead to injuries, death and subsequent lawsuits.

Source: National Motorists Association, “Common DUI/DWI Myths” Oct. 28, 2014


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