Grease Gun Injuries May Result in Traumatic Limb Loss

Grease guns are a commonly used tool to deliver grease to moving parts in various industries. Unfortunately, the high-powered nature of the guns results in occasional injections into the body. An estimated 30 to 40 percent of grease gun injuries end in amputation of an entire limb if the victim does not seek immediate treatment.

The guns require high pressure to deliver the grease to the appropriate moving parts, thereby greatly increasing the chances of injury. Due to their high-powered nature, accidents occur where a hand, finger, or other area of the body has grease injected within. Often times, the injury appears insignificant or benign. However, future disability may be hidden behind a small, punctuate sore, for example, on a finger. Moreover, these injuries can be very traumatic, affecting whole limbs, the abdomen, and more.

After an initial accident, workers have dismissed their injuries, which usually results in severe swelling affecting the whole limb. The composition of the grease festers and develops into burns. A high-pressure injection injury requires immediate consideration for surgical emergency, with decompression and adequate cleansing of the foreign substance from the body’s tissue to avoid permanent injury.

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