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Bike Helmets Recalled

The cycling company, Louis Garneau Sports, has issued a recall for one of their high end helmets. Garneau announced the recall of its P-09 helmet, model number 1405362, earlier this month. The P-09 retails from $280.00 to $350.00. The helmet was originally manufactured in China in January 2014. The P-09 initially passed all safety tests performed internally by Garneau and externally by other independent laboratories. Based on these initial results, the P-90 was CPSC certified and made available for consumer use. However, the P-09 failed subsequent testing, leading Garneau to issue a recall.

Garneau announced the recall on its website with the following statement: “During a recent production, the helmet cover part made of a polycarbonate micro-shell failed the manufacturer’s head impact tests. Remaining units left from the previous production were then retested and failed the cold-condition testing, which leads Louis Garneau to think that there may be a degradation of the product over time. In its current version, the helmet may not prevent injuries in the case of a severe accident.”

The helmets that have been recalled can be identified through the manufacturing date located on the inside of the helmet. Recalled helmets have a manufacturing date of January 2014. The helmet can further be identified by the distinct golf ball indents on the front of the helmet and it’s built in visor. The helmet comes in three colors: white, red, and black. Garneau asks that consumers stop using the helmet and return them to Louis Garneau USA for a refund or replacement. Louis Garneau USA can be reached at (800) 448-1984 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or through email at [email protected].

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