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Woman killed when vehicle struck by rock in truck accident

A Texas woman was killed in an unusual truck accident in Paige when her vehicle was struck by a large rock. The woman, age 70, was riding in a passenger vehicle when a rock from a runaway 18-wheeler flew off of the commercial vehicle and into her car. The truck accident occurred on US 290 in Bastrop County, according to official reports.

Authorities say that the driver of the tractor-trailer lost control of his vehicle when he attempted to stop too quickly. The driver of the tractor-trailer apparently was attempting to avoid striking another truck that had stopped in his lane; it appears that the at-fault driver did not see the stopped vehicle at first. The truck driver drove into oncoming traffic, sending several large rocks from his load spilling onto the highway.

The decedent died in the crash, and the driver of the passenger vehicle suffered serious injuries. That person was transported by helicopter to the nearby University Medical Center in Brackenridge. One of the truck drivers involved in the multiple-vehicle crash was also transported to a nearby hospital after complaining of minor injuries. The serious crash left US 290 closed for approximately four hours as investigators attempted to identify the cause of the wreck.

This case provides an excellent example of a truck accident that did not actually involve a truck colliding with the decedent’s vehicle. Instead, the vehicle’s load was spilled out, leading to dire consequences. Trucking accidents do not always look like you think they would; in fact, victims might be eligible for compensation even if they believe they were at fault for the wreck. Do not make assumptions about trucking company liability; instead, enlist the help of a legal advocate who can promote your rights and improve your chances of obtaining the compensation you need.

Source: KXAN, “Woman killed on 290 when rock crashes through window” Melanie Price, Sep. 17, 2014


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