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Safety Awareness with Increased Traffic after Labor Day

With the back to school season in its second week, it is important to remember that with the return of children in classrooms means heavier traffic and congestion on the streets of Houston. A couple years ago in 2012, just outside of Houston on I-10, one of the most severely documented car accidents in Texas occurred. The tragic event, involving almost 150 vehicles, left two dead and as many as 100 injured. The pileup, attributed to dense fog and high traffic, caused three separate pileups to begin on Interstate 10 in both directions. An officer reported that when an SUV crashed into vehicles in front of them, a tractor-trailer then rammed from behind, running over the SUV, killing its occupants.

Although this incident, with its two-year anniversary coming up in a couple of months, was the largest in Texas’s history, traffic accidents remain a problematic event within Houston’s city limits. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, last year there were approximately 53,096 crashes in Houston alone, which is 145 auto-related wrecks per day. More specifically, of those crashes, 13,160 were either fatal or “serious injuries,” meaning that each day in Houston, there are around 36 people that are either killed or seriously injured in a car accident.

Avoid driving in dense fog, be aware of where 18-wheelers are around you, and be sure to leave as much room in front of your car and others on the road as safely possible.

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