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When are drug recalls used for dangerous products?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2014 | Product Liability

In the United States, government agencies are required to oversee rigorous and robust tests for pharmaceutical drugs before those products go to market. The Food and Drug Administration is tasked with ensuring that medications are not considered dangerous products because they harm more than they help. However, some Texas residents and others throughout the nation still suffer illness because of medications that cause physical ailments. These victims may be entitled to financial compensation because of their experiences related to prescription drug recalls.

Drugs can be recalled for a variety of reasons. First, and most obviously, is the recall that is caused by the determination that a drug is a health hazard. In some cases, health risks associated with prescription medication are not identified until those drugs are in widespread use. For example, some drugs have been associated with increased risks of stroke, even though the medication was designed to be used as something as mild as a decongestant!

Other drugs may also be recalled if they are not properly packaged — that is, if they come along with confusing or misleading instructions. Contaminated medication and poorly manufactured drugs may also be subject to recall. In some serious cases, drug packaging contains an entirely different medication altogether.

If your prescription medication has been recalled, make sure to find out more by visiting the FDA’s website. Do not panic; many of the drug recalls issued in today’s marketplace are only for minor issues. Make sure that you properly dispose of any medication that may have been recalled. In most instances, it is safe to dispose of medication in the trash by mixing it with coffee grounds or a similar substance and sealing it in a plastic bag. Many communities also offer drug disposal drives. Make sure to be vigilant to determine whether your prescription medication has been recalled, and remember that you do have legal options in the event that you are exposed to such deadly products.

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