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High Speed Pursuit Ends in Tragedy

Six people were killed in an automobile accident when a Dodge Durango collided with a Honda Civic during a high-speed police chase. According to the police report, the chase began around 8:20 p.m. when a police officer attempted to pull over the Dodge Durango. Police say the driver of the Durango was swerving with his headlights off. Upon commencing to stop the Durango, the driver began to flee. Police had no choice but to pursue. The ensuing chase reached speeds upward of 100 miles per hour. Captain J. Jaekel told news reports that the suspect was fleeing at such a high speed that police cruisers could not stay within close proximity to the Durango. “He was going so fast my guy couldn’t keep up.”

The police pursuit came to a sudden and tragic end when the suspect collided with the Honda Civic and its four occupants. Police identified the driver and passenger of the Dodge Durango as Juan Garcia Ahuezoteco and his cousin Alejandro Molina. Both the twenty-three year old fleeing driver and his cousin lost their lives. Also killed in the collision were the four occupants of the Honda Civic. The Dickinson Police Department identified two of the deceased as Rafael and Alejandra Guerrero, one of the other passengers in the car was identified as Gilberto Ortega Jr., Alejandra Guerrero’s brother. The fourth passenger was the son of one of the victims; his name has not yet been released. The officer who was in hot pursuit is at this time unknown to the public or media.

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