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Back to School Traffic Safety

As the first day of school approaches for many schools across the country, pedestrian, bicyclists, and traffic congestion will dramatically increase in school zones. Due to this increase in traffic, it is essential for drivers to stay alert during peak commuting hours on school roads. Although drivers should always be vigilant for adult pedestrians, they should pay special attention for children pedestrians and bicyclists, as they are at a higher risk for injury.

Pedestrian accidents account for almost 60,000 traffic deaths each year. Many of these accidents occur in school zones or pedestrian cross walks and around 3 to 4 PM, when children are leaving school and there is a lot of road congestion. When driving during these peak hours, motorists should be more cautious of school busses, carpool lines, and children pedestrians.

In addition to being the law, driving slowly through school zones helps drivers become more aware of their surroundings and lessens the chance of getting in an accident. Oftentimes fines in Texas for speeding in a school zone can be double what a normal ticket would cost, and may even cost a child their life. Along with reducing their speed, drivers should refrain from texting, emailing, and making phone calls. The moment a driver becomes distracted by their phones while driving the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists becomes jeopardized. It is helpful to keep in mind that in Texas, the use of cell phones in school zones is strictly prohibited and the speed limit in school zones drops to 20mph.

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