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Texas man involved in fatal hit-and-run charged with homicide

A man from Texas has been charged with a number of different counts after police say that he was involved in a fatal accident. The counts include driving while intoxicated, causing a hit and run and negligent homicide. The man is a resident of Bedias, Texas, and he is 27 years old.

Police reports indicate that the man was on Louisiana 23, heading north, at the wheel of a pickup truck. The accounts then say that he allegedly went over the median and drove up onto the southbound lanes, traveling in the wrong direction. A smaller pickup, a Chevy S-10, was coming down the highway towards him, and the two slammed together in a head-on collision.

The accident took place right around 3:30 a.m. A third car was involved as well, a Ford Mustang that was trailing the S-10 and could not stop before running into the back of the truck. That driver had a seat belt on, and he was not hurt.

The driver of the S-10, who was 19 years old, was killed. He did not have a seat belt on when the crash occurred, and he died at the accident site.

The man in the truck that was going to wrong direction allegedly got out of his mangled vehicle and made a run for it, trying to elude the police. He hid from them for about five hours. Eventually, the police located him hiding in the woods, and they arrested him.

When officers brought him in, they grew suspicious that he had been operating his truck under the influence of alcohol. To determine if this was the case, they took a blood sample from him, and it was delivered to a crime lab for testing.

After a car accident takes a life, the surviving family members should make sure that they know what legal rights they have and what they can do on the behalf of the person who was killed.

Source: Source: The Times-Picayune, “Texas man charged with negligent homicide in fatal Plaquemines hit-and-run accident,” Benjamin Alexander-Bloch, July 8, 2014


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