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Surge In Oil And Gas Exploration Leads To Serious Injuries

As oil and gas extraction jobs skyrocket across the south, so have fatalities and injuries associated with them. According to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 142 fatalities reported in 2012, an energy industry high.

Oil and gas extraction has always been inherently dangerous work, but the economic boom has brought about a surge in fatalities and work related injuries. Oil and gas companies are hiring workers at higher than normal rates, leading to workers being on site that may not have had relevant training and experience in the industry. These inexperienced workers are not accustomed to operating salt trucks, water trucks, or other machinery typically used at oilfield sites. Experts say that other industry injuries can be attributed to falls, being struck by equipment, electrical fires and explosions, and exhaustion.

Efforts have been made to help decrease the amounts of oil and gas field related injuries and deaths. Some energy companies have launched campaigns and workshops that train workers on safe driving and operation practices. These same companies have also implemented policies that preclude workers from driving after a shift. More oversight over workers in the oil and gas extraction industry could reduce work related injuries, but the necessary level of attention and administration needed for this growing industry seems far out of reach.

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