More Chevy Recalls Due to Unsafe Parts

Over the past several months, General Motors (GM) has recalled over 29 million vehicles. This staggering number is more than the total amount of vehicles GM has sold in the last seven model years. Most if not all of the recalls are related to safety issues such as faulty ignition switches. This problem dates as far back as 2003 and is potentially deadly.

In June 2014, Chevy issued a “stop sale” on the 2013 and 2014 Chevy Cruze. These model cars may have been installed with a faulty airbag part. A stop sale is different from a recall in that the cars on the lot are not to be sold yet no previously purchased cars have been recalled for repair. Chevy will attempt to isolate the cars that are equipped with the faulty part. Once Chevy does this they will likely lift the sale stop and recall all the cars that were sold with the faulty part. Chevy announced that they have identified around 33,000 cars with the potential airbag safety issue. This recent stop sale from Chevy comes on the heels of a stop sale for many GM trucks and SUVs. The problem with these trucks and SUVs is that the transfer cases my slip into neutral on its own. This causes the wheels to lose power if the vehicle is being driven or if it is parked the breaks may disengage.

Texans love their trucks and SUVs with the Silverado and Tahoe being some of the most popular models sold. Houston is no exception. Driving down a Houston freeway you are bound to see multiple Chevy trucks and SUVs. With all the recalls and stop sales GM has issued lately there is a considerable safety risk from the above mentioned vehicles if they have not had their design flaws properly repaired. This risk is shared by the operator and passengers of the vehicle as well as by the other drivers on the road.

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