Another Needless Crash

Near midnight last Friday night, all inbound lanes of Highway 290 were stopped. Law enforcement officers directed thousands of cars onto the shoulder or the service road to get past the area. As motorists inched forward through the 45-minute delay, they saw the remains of a collision. The small sedan was significantly damaged; but the motorcycle in front of it was torn up. Looking upon the scene takes your breath away, as you realize that someone may have been killed that evening. And you wonder, how did this happen? Did the car not see the motorcyclist?

News accounts the next day indicated that the wreck had occurred an hour and one-half earlier. According to the reports, the motorcycle rider had been drinking, was driving fast, and had run into the slower moving vehicle. Fortunately, the rider was not killed, though he was said to be in serious condition.

The rider’s July 4th celebration was horribly marred by this terrible event, and even the driver of the other vehicle had to cope with this dreadful situation. If it was caused by drinking and driving, as indicated in the media, then all of this suffering was unnecessary. By now, motorists, and especially motorcycle riders, should be aware of the very high risk posed by drinking and driving. There is simply no good reason for it. It folks want to imbibe a brew or two on a holiday weekend, they simply must make plans for their subsequent transportation. It is not acceptable any longer to drive while intoxicated.

We hope that this motorcycle rider will fully recover from this night. We hope also that drivers in our community will finally get the message: do not drink and drive.

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