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Teens’ father speaks out against hit-and-run car accident driver

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2014 | Car & Truck Accidents

Relatives of two Texas teenagers who were killed during a recent hit-and-run collision are expressing their contempt for the driver who caused the wreck. The teen’s father has characterized the driver as a “monster” because she failed to stop and help the two victims. The woman apparently fled the scene of a fatal car accident in Houston after she ran a red light and plowed into a vehicle with six young occupants. The man’s 19-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son died in the tragic collision. Another 14-year-old occupant also died.

The 23-year-old driver is facing charges of failing to stop and render aid after the Father’s Day crash. The woman has told authorities that she fled the scene of the crash because she had been drinking and had outstanding traffic tickets. That woman’s estranged husband tells a different story; he says that the at-fault driver’s brakes failed and she was worried about being deported after the collision. The victims’ father said that he does not care why the woman left the accident scene; he is simply livid that she abandoned the young victims. One of the man’s other daughters, age 17, survived the collision.

Passersby helped the young victims by calling 911 and notifying the victims’ father using one of the girl’s cellphones. The bystanders helped the youngsters receive critical medical care, but first responders were not able to save all of the victims. Some witnesses said they had seen the woman drinking before getting behind the wheel at a local establishment.

Drivers who strike their victims and then leave are often aggressively prosecuted. Such negligent drivers may also be subject to civil suits from victims’ family members, especially in cases of wrongful death and passenger fatalities. No one should have to suffer through such a tragic loss of a loved one because a driver refused to stop to render aid.

Source:, “Father of teens killed in crash wants harsh punishment” Robert Arnold, Jun. 16, 2014


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