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Veterans Affairs Hospitals Under Intense Scrutiny

On Behalf of | May 19, 2014 | Medical Malpractice

According to the New York Times, a VA hospital in Jackson, Miss. has been accused, by a retired doctor who worked at the VA for over 30 years, of misreading or failing to read X rays and CT scans. This VA has also been accused of failing to maintain proper sterilization in the hospital and inadequate oversight of its nurse practitioners with regards to them prescribing narcotics without a proper license.

Most recently, 40 patents have died while waiting for treatment at a VA hospital in Phoenix, AR. NBC News reported that Dr. Samuel Foote, a former doctor at the Phoenix VA, claims that the hospital was involved in an elaborate scheme to hide patient’s files seeking treatment. The purpose for this, according to Dr. Foote, was to give the appearance that VA had lower wait times for treatment than they actually did. A House committee voted to have the wait list records subpoenaed after the VA would not turn over their records voluntarily. Eric Shinseki, the Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary, is set to testify before the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee over the current state of the VA health care system.

The VA hospital in Houston is the Michael E. DeBakey Medical Center. It is the primary health care provider for over 130,000 veterans in southeast Texas. Like most VA facilities, there have been some issues with extensive waiting periods for veterans wanting to be seen for treatment. However, according to the United Services Automobile Association (USAA), Houston ranks number one out of all cities in the United States for veterans to live. This ranking was based off of Houston’s low unemployment rate of 6.1% and Houston’s good economy.

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