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Nursing Home Lawsuit Filed for Inadequate Care

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2014 | Medical Malpractice

A lawsuit was recently filed in a Texas court alleging a nursing home failed to provide appropriate health care for three different residents. The families of the three victims sued Parklane West Healthcare Center for negligence in the management and staffing of the facility, as well as negligence for the care of the patients – often called residents. Many of the complaints, injuries and deaths often are as a result of a culture of lack of caring, which is almost always caused by the nursing home owner’s attitude of putting profits over proper care.

One of the cases filed against Parklane West focuses on a decorate United States Army decorated hero who was one of the first African Americans to attain the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. This veteran was injured in a fall at the facility. It is alleged that this patient was left for over 14 hours before anyone intervened or did anything about it. From what is described, it is difficult to determine if the nursing home was short-staffed on this occasion, but we often hear of complaints of short-staffing – which often results in life threatening injuries and death. Short-staffing at nursing homes can often be traced to management oversight or attitude or both.

Our senior citizens are often the most vulnerable in our society. When they need protecting the most by health care professionals, they are often ignored the most by greedy business people who emphasize the bottom line dollar over top shelf health care. With an aging society, these attitudes must be turned around or there will be an epidemic of unnecessary injuries and deaths in nursing homes.

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