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GM Ignition Defect Leads to Death

A recent interview on CNN focused on a young woman who was killed in a GM vehicle on her 29th birthday in Georgia. Brooke Melton’s parents hired a lawyer in Georgia to investigate the claim and their expert (not GM’s) found a .90 cent defective part that had been installed in her 2005 Chevy Cobalt. Brooke had the same problem four days before her death when her ignition shut off, and she lost control of her power steering and her brakes. She took it in for service and the GM dealer returned it to her, telling her it was all fixed.

The accident report blamed Brooke for the accident, which caused her vehicle to run into a creek, resulting in death. The expert determined the key had switched from the on position to the accessory position, shutting off her car. As noted in the media piece, the Melton’s search for truth – along with a courageous plaintiff’s attorney who worked on a contingency fee – uncovered the defect. This has put GM in the hot seat, and GM must be held accountable. The piece ends with a strong argument for our civil justice system, and a plea that people show up for jury service when summoned. I encourage everyone to watch this piece:

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