Deadly Truck Collision

Alcohol. Truck Tractor. Running a Red Light.

These three components reportedly produced a deadly collision in Houston. The crash occurred yesterday. The tractor was headed westbound in the 12,200 block of Beechnut at about 10:30 p.m. According to information from the Houston Police Department, the truck driver, Willie James Johnson, ran the red light when he attempted to turn left on Cook Road. As he did so, a 48-year-old driver of a Chevrolet Tahoe who was headed southbound on Cook Road crashed into the side of the tractor. The victim was rushed to Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, but his life could not be saved.

Police took Mr. Johnson into custody Sunday night from the scene, and it was determined that he was intoxicated. Today, charges of intoxication manslaughter have been filed against him.

There is simply no excuse for driving while intoxicated. But to do so in a truck tractor, and then to run a red light while trying make a turn, is not only grossly negligent, but it is also criminal.

If the facts demonstrate what has been reported, then this truck driver should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. Law enforcement must send a loud and unmistakable message to the community: there is no justification whatsoever for driving any vehicle, certainly not a tractor, while intoxicated. We won’t stand for this in Houston. The family members of the man who was killed deserve justice. And all of us who use the public streets in this community deserve a safe place to travel.

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