Boston Home Explosion Linked to Gas Leak

A recent home explosion in Boston has been linked to a gas leak.

Investigators say that two elderly Boston residents are in critical condition and nine others were injured when the home exploded last Wednesday night.

The blast happened in the city’s historic Dorchester neighborhood.

Officials from the utility National Grid are cooperating with city officials to pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

The Boston Globe reports that utility’s preliminary tests failed to identify a leak in its system.

At least two neighbors told reporters that they smelled gas in the days leading up to the explosion.

Investigators are attempting to determine whether crews were called to the area before the blast and why the utility’s systems failed to identify the leak before residents were injured.

Residents of the home report a violent explosion that blew the house’s door across the street.

One of the elderly residents was rescued by a group of neighbors who rushed into the home and carried the woman outside. The woman remained hospitalized for a few days after the accident to have surgery on her lips.

Boston’s deputy superintendent of Emergency Medical Services says that the blast created a three-alarm fire and that two of the elderly people suffered from significant burns. The other injured residents suffered cuts and smoke inhalation.

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