Popular Anti-Depressants (Paxil) Side Effects May Be Player in Breast Cancer

The prescription drug Paxil has been used by many doctors across Texas and the United States to treat depression, anxiety disorders, stress disorders, and other mental conditions.

Unfortunately, this drug has had adverse side effects for many people including birth defects arising from a mother’s use during pregnancy and now some research is showing an increase in breast cancer. This is a result of Paxil acting as an estrogen promoter which has implications for patients with estrogen-sensitive breast cancer who are on other medications.

According to a recent press release, researchers at City of Hope found that Paxil boosts estrogen activity. This could increase a person’s chance of getting breast cancer and/or dying from it. Additionally, a 2010 study in Canada found that breast cancer patients who were taking Paxil were more likely than those taking other antidepressants to die of breast cancer when there was an overlap in their use of Paxil and Tamoxifen.

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