Noodle company under fire for dangerous products case

We have heard of civil judgments in the case of hot coffee – but hot ramen? The mother of a 1-year-old child has filed a civil suit against a noodle maker, claiming that the company is responsible for injuries the girl suffered because a boiling cup of ramen spilled on her. The manufacturer, which distributes products in Texas and throughout the rest of the nation, argues that the child’s father was inattentive and negligent. Maruchan and its Japanese parent company say they are not responsible for the child’s injuries that were suffered in May 2011, and they do not distribute dangerous products. A motion is pending for dismissal of the personal injury suit.

Official reports show that the child suffered second-degree burns after a family member spilled boiling-hot water that had been in the cup of instant noodles. The burns led to serious injuries, including scarring on her back and lower limbs. Further, the child will likely be required to undergo a series of surgeries, some reconstructive. She suffered burns to her chest, shoulder, back and groin, and has already received some skin grafts because of the accident.

Surprisingly, academic studies have actually named Maruchan Instant Lunch cups as among the most unstable in the industry. The scalding water from the soup cups could conceivably be considered dangerous, especially considering the design of the cup. Courtroom documents show that the girl’s family members might have benefited from warnings on the cup; information about use around children would have been particularly helpful.

Victims whose relatives have been hurt by dangerous products deserve financial compensation for their physical injuries. In this case, the girl will suffer ongoing health problems because of the burn incident. The manufacturer of the defective or dangerous product should be held responsible for injuries and deaths that may result from the use of such items.

Source: Winston-Salem Journal, “Forsyth woman sues over spilled soup that burned toddler” Michael Hewlett, Jan. 17, 2014